Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Down on the Farm

What better way to discuss a farm unit than with a trip to a farm? Today was that day. It has been so hot here, I was a little worried about "smell." I know some of them find farm smells very bothersome. But, we were blessed with a beautiful breeze so it turned out great.

We got to see the many different animals. We talked about what they ate, where they stayed, if they give us anything, etc. This farm is also a rescue type place so we got to see some animals that you don't always see on a farm like; a fox, a wolf, eagles, hawks, owls, vultures, and pheasants. It was a glorious day. I always love days like these that work out so well.

The piglets were 12 days old--really cute! How's that stare on the bull? I wasn't even wearing red. The pheasants had a nest of eggs under a pine tree--that was really neat. Mr. Turkey there did some great showing off which the kids loved! He was quite vocal too.

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  1. e-i-e-o! Farms are so much fun for little ones. Not for me- allergies!!


    p.s. Yes, I'm in PA, too and I'm trying to adjust to the heat, but happy to see sunshine.