Monday, March 2, 2009

Plant a "Forest"

I haven't actually done this project, but I found it in my March folder when I was organizing. It looks like a fun science project.

You will need:

1" x 4" x 4" sponge, one for each child
parsley seeds
aluminum pie pans

Moisten the sponges slightly and if you like, have the children cut them into tree shapes, or you can just leave them rectangular.

Give each child a pie pan and have them lay their sponge in the pan. Help them sprinkle the sponges generously with parsley seeds.

Add enough water to the pan so that the sponges are moist. Place them in a sunny spot. Add water every two days or so--keep the sponges well moistened.

The parsley seeds should begin to sprout in about three or four days. Each sponge should have sprouted a little forest 10 to 14 days after the seeds are planted.

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