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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HWT in March

I have the March letters the Pre-K class will be working on for the month of March. Can you believe it? March already!

Here they are: Aa, Vv, Mm, Nn, and Ww.

The three-year-old class had a great time with the wooden block manipulatives today. Every time I bring these blocks out they think we are going to make Mat Man, they just love him.

Today, I had a different project in mind. I started out with the polishing to work on strength and hand dominance. We also went over the names of the blocks; large curve, small curve, large line, small line. Then we made shapes. I would sing the shape song and they would make the shape. Some of them pulled this off in an instant, but some really needed help. It took longer than I thought it would. We didn't even get to triangle before time ran out.

For the children that knew what they were doing I allowed them to make whatever they liked with the pieces. Can you see Mat Man anywhere?

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