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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fancy Forsythia

The popular forsythia plant is a common focus of a spring craft. I posted one last year that our Pre-K children do. I just wanted to expand on that a little.

Another way to make a forsythia bush might be to make the bush the way I made the branches in the Pretty Pussy Willows post. Dilute some brown paint, dribble it on the paper and then allow the children to blow the paint with a straw to give it a stick affect.

To make the pretty forsythia flower, cut some yellow tissue paper into squares. Allow the children to add dots of glue to their bushes, wherever they would like a flower. Take a square of tissue paper, and wrap it around the end of a pencil, then push into into the glue area, pencil and all. Pull the pencil out, but hold down the tissue paper, and you will have a standing flower.

If the above technique is a little difficult for the children, allow them to just take the pieces of tissue paper, roll them in a ball, and glue them down. Either technique will create a cute craft.

In my picture you will see I just drew lines with a marker. One side is done with the pencil technique. The other side is done with the paper scrunching technique.

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