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Friday, March 6, 2009

ABC Jesus Loves Me

ABC Jesus Loves Me

I was recently blessed by being contacted by the wonderful creator of a free preschool curriculum that prepares children for kindergarten, all the while giving them a solid foundation in the Bible. Yes, I said free curriculum--ABC Jesus Loves Me.

This is not a website that has a few ideas here and there, or just some suggestions and pointers. No, this is a full fledged, everything spelled out, wonderfully written, beautifully put together preschool curriculum. A full 36 week curriculum. Two curriculums--one for three year olds and one for 4 years olds.

The author has presented all material and explanations in a most caring and supportive manner. They are easy to understand and easy to follow. The first page is full of great teaching tips with suggested materials, and a stress on making the program FUN. A belief I am totally in agreement with. If a curriculum is not fun, little children are not going to benefit fully.

The site has all kinds of links for educational materials too. There is a place to download fonts, charts, posters, and links to other helpful sites. Everything can be found here.

If you are searching for a curriculum, or just ideas to enhance your program I would definitely recommend taking a look at this site. I thank the author of the site for entrusting me to review her site and share it with everyone.

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Three Wonderful Kids! said...

Thanks for the information! I just started teaching our preschool Sunday School and have been using Godly Play but could use some more material geared towards preschoolers.