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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Songs About Teeth

These songs are from my song sheet I have had for quite some time. All but one have come from Ms. Warren's Piggyback Song books.

A Toothbrush
Sung to: Yankee Doodle

Of all the things around the town
A toothbrush is a dandy.
Brush up and down and all around
And stay away from candy!

I Brush My Teeth
Sung to: Jingle Bells

I brush my teeth, I brush my teeth
Morning, noon, and night.
I brush them, floss them, rinse them clean.
I keep them nice and white.

Get My Toothpaste, Get My Brush
Sung to: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Get my toothpaste, get my brush.
I won't hurry, I won't rush.
Making sure my teeth are clean.
Front and back and in-between.
When I brush for quite a while,
I will have a happy smile.

This last song I sort of just had in my mind. I don't know if it's from somewhere or not. Beware--you will sing it all day.

Brush Your Teeth

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
Brush them in the morning.
Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth at night.

I don't have a tune, but if you remember your ta's and ti's from music class it goes:

Ta, Ta, ti-ti Ta,

ti-ti ti-ti Ta Ta.

Ta, Ta, ti-ti Ta,

ti-ti ti-ti Ta.

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Anonymous said...

The last one could be sung to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat

Anonymous said...

The last one was probably set to go with the chorus of the American Folk song "Old Joe Clark." It matches the rhythm pattern.