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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Silly Circle

I know, the title is a little cliche, but, well, it is such a cute saying. You have so much fun saying it.

Today was the introduction of our final shape-circle. I think the children spent about a half hour talking about different items that could be a circle (yes, that is an exaggeration). The most fun thing about circle is when we get to draw it in the air. We make each shape in the air--using lots of silly noises. Circle is so much fun though. We make it big, small, slow, fast, just lots of fun.

So we talked about circle, we drew circle, we held circle in our hands, we found circles in the room, and we sang our circle song:

I'm as round as I can be,
I can be, I can be.
I'm as round as I can be,
I'm a circle.

Now here comes the tricky part, cutting the circle out. I made the mistake of putting the thought in the children's heads that cutting a circle might take a little more time than the shapes with straight sides. I won't do that again. After I finally got them started, they did a good job. One little boy had to make sure that I knew cutting circles, "is super easy."

There you have it, a day with silly circle.

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