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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pass the Pickle

This post really doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Today we played a little game called Pass the Pickle. It's a game just like Hot Potato, but it's played with a musical pickle. I had gotten it from one of the teacher catalogs I usually get, but I don't know the name off hand.

I thought this game would be one everyone would enjoy and get excited about. Imagine my surprise when two little girls were terrified of it. The pickle plays "The Can Can" song, not too loudly. Then when it's time to stop there is a small explosion sound--again not too loudly. These two little girls wanted NOTHING to do with that pickle. Most of the kids thought it was hilarious and couldn't wait to get a hold of it. I guess you never know.

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness- how funny! That would be fun for a birthday party, too. We passed Cinderella's slipper around to music for my daughter's princess party. Like hot potato, too. Fun, fun!


Dzes said...

I'm trying to track another one of these pickles down to buy. I'm a Speech Therapist, and we use the pickle to generate a list of words within a category - e.g. "let's name things that are red/transports/in the sky". The children pass the pickle around, and have to think quickly of an item that belongs in that category before they can pass the pickle on to the next person. They love it!