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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Today I brought Hawaiian Punch, Cola, icing, and marshmallows to school with me. Probably some of the least teeth healthy food known. Believe it or not, they all had a purpose. Of course, the children just wanted to eat everything. Can you imagine what Mom and Dad would have thought about that?

The Hawaiian Punch and Cola were for a fun science activity we did. I had hard-boiled(thank goodness) six eggs and brought them to school also. I poured the punch in one bowl and the cola in another bowl. I told the children we were going to pretend the eggs were teeth. I wanted to show them what happened to teeth when we drink sweet drinks like punch and soda. I placed 3 eggs in the punch and 3 in the soda. After a couple of minutes the eggs turned colors. I got a toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed the egg to show the children how brushing our teeth helps to get them clean. During free time I had this activity out for the children to enjoy. I had lots of broken "teeth" by the end of the day, but they had a great time.

Alexandra over at Preschool to Pre-K said she also did this acitivty. It is really fun!

Our craft was to make a happy face with a big smile. For the craft you need:

white icing
red food color
Ziploc bag
mini marshmallows
paper plate
google eyes

During circle time we made the white icing pink by adding some red food coloring and stirring. Then I took the icing and spooned it into a Ziploc bag. I cut a small hole in one of the bottom
corners of the bag.

Each child got a paper plate, they glued on two google eyes, drew a nose, and a BIG mouth. They then squeezed the icing out of the bag along the inside of the mouth for gums. Finally they added mini marshmallows for teeth. I know it's not that "tooth friendly," but it was sure fun.

There is another great activity-and a lot more healthy-over at Celebrate Every Day. She used apples, peanut butter, and mini marshmallows. I was thinking if you can't use the peanut butter, you could always use pink icing.

I read the book "Curious George Goes to the Dentist," by Margaret Rey. Who doesn't love George?

We finished up the day with some exercise to "Mousercise." This is always great fun for the children. We have had Mousercise at our school forever. It was there when I got there. You know what that means? It is not a CD it is a record. Nowadays, when I bring it out, the children always say, "That's a really big CD!" I always think that's funny. I haven't upgraded to the CD because I think the price is pretty high. The record still works well.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sponge Some Teeth

I am subbing in the Pre-K classes this week along with my doing my own class. I'll probably be mush by the weekend. I must say I had fun though. It's always fun to do some different activities and be able to take things to the next level.

Today, both Pre-K classes were doing pretty much the same craft, each just had their own little twist. They are focusing on dental health this week as I am--makes it easier for me.

The teachers were each sponge painting to make teeth. One teacher had a large mouth shape cut out of pink construction paper. The children colored the lips with a red marker, we then had little sponges attached to clothespins, the children dipped them in white paint and made teeth.

The other teachers was very similar, but she had red lips cut out of construction paper, a pink center. The pink center was glued inside the lips then the children did the sponge painting. They also made a little toothbrush to go with their mouth.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

St. Patrick's Day on the Way

One of our Pre-K teachers was kind enough to remind me that March is really going to be here next week. She is getting ready to decorate so she wanted to make a St. Patrick's Day decoration for the room. They really add a "sparkle."

For the project you will need:

green paint
silver glitter
shamrock shapes
construction paper

The first step to this project is to let the children attach as many or as few shamrock shapes to their construction paper. We had some nasty glue sticks that don't work so well, so the teacher let the children pick their shapes and glue them to their paper. The shapes actually need to be peeled off at a later time, so you can try taping them down to.

The next step is to paint the whole paper with the "lucky shamrock paint." Pour green paint, some glue, and some silver glitter in a container and mix together. The children will paint over the shamrocks with this paint. After the paint has dried a bit, you take off the shamrock shapes and you have a wonderful, unique piece of art.

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A Mouthful of Teeth

We had a really great day today. We did ton of stuff, but it didn't seem like one of those frazzled days where you can't catch your breath.

We started our dental health theme today. We talked about many aspects of healthy teeth: brushing, flossing, eating good foods, and visiting the dentist. We even had a visitor today. A dental hygienist from a local dentist's office came to see us today. Miss Kathy was really great. She showed us what the dentist and the hygienist would look like at the dental office. She had her mask, gloves, and goggles.

Our favorite part was when she introduced her special guest--Sam. Sam was a big snake with a mouthful of teeth. She showed us how Sam brushes and flosses his teeth to keep them healthy. Then Sam, the class, and a special couple of teeth helpers decided if the snacks Sam brought made for "happy teeth" or "sad teeth." We had a great time.

During free time I had out some gloves, goggles, floss, toothbrush, and our big teeth for the children to practice their dentistry skills. It was really cute.

I also had brought in some food from home to have a sorting table. I had made two signs; one to keep teeth healthy, one not so healthy. The children had to decide which food went where and place it on the right sign. We did this all together at circle time first so they would know what they were doing.

We also talked about children having 20 teeth, 10 on top, 10 on the bottom. We also discussed that the pink part our teeth come out of is called our gums. This is where our craft came in today. We made a "mouth" with 20 teeth in it.

For the project you will need:

pink Play Doh
white beans
paper with poem

I had run the poem on some construction paper. I ran two poems on one sheet of paper, then cut them in half. I gave the children two small balls of the pink Play Doh and had them make some short snakes. We glued the snakes to the paper for our upper and lower gums. The children then had to put 10 bean teeth on the top and 10 bean teeth on the bottom. Because the beans are pretty small this was a great fine motor activity. I only had 2 that had a little trouble picking up those beans.

Anne over at Teaching Two said she made a similar activity: she made a big red smile and then the kids glued white beans in two rows of ten.

The book we read today was "Going to the Dentist," by Anne Civardi, illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. It's a cute story about two little children taking a trip to the dentist and what takes place while they are there. It can get a little dicey for some of the children as the one little boy has a cavity and he has to get a shot to numb his tooth before the dentist fixes it. They asked if it hurt, but I explained, as did the book, the dentist uses something to numb the area first. It's a good book though, very detailed, specific, but written child friendly.

You can also find the book from the great author of Literature Links too.

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Pass the Pickle

This post really doesn't have anything to do with anything.

Today we played a little game called Pass the Pickle. It's a game just like Hot Potato, but it's played with a musical pickle. I had gotten it from one of the teacher catalogs I usually get, but I don't know the name off hand.

I thought this game would be one everyone would enjoy and get excited about. Imagine my surprise when two little girls were terrified of it. The pickle plays "The Can Can" song, not too loudly. Then when it's time to stop there is a small explosion sound--again not too loudly. These two little girls wanted NOTHING to do with that pickle. Most of the kids thought it was hilarious and couldn't wait to get a hold of it. I guess you never know.

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Songs About Teeth

These songs are from my song sheet I have had for quite some time. All but one have come from Ms. Warren's Piggyback Song books.

A Toothbrush
Sung to: Yankee Doodle

Of all the things around the town
A toothbrush is a dandy.
Brush up and down and all around
And stay away from candy!

I Brush My Teeth
Sung to: Jingle Bells

I brush my teeth, I brush my teeth
Morning, noon, and night.
I brush them, floss them, rinse them clean.
I keep them nice and white.

Get My Toothpaste, Get My Brush
Sung to: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Get my toothpaste, get my brush.
I won't hurry, I won't rush.
Making sure my teeth are clean.
Front and back and in-between.
When I brush for quite a while,
I will have a happy smile.

This last song I sort of just had in my mind. I don't know if it's from somewhere or not. Beware--you will sing it all day.

Brush Your Teeth

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
Brush them in the morning.
Brush, brush, brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth at night.

I don't have a tune, but if you remember your ta's and ti's from music class it goes:

Ta, Ta, ti-ti Ta,

ti-ti ti-ti Ta Ta.

Ta, Ta, ti-ti Ta,

ti-ti ti-ti Ta.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smile Pretty

This week we plan to do some activities for Dental Health month. We will talk about foods that are good for our teeth, and foods that are not good for our teeth. We'll have visit from a dental hygienist which is always great fun. I don't have many different crafts for this theme, but I will share with you what I have found.

I first wanted to share some fun things I found in my Feb./Mar. 2003 Mailbox Magazine, kindergarten edition.

The first project I thought was very beneficial for introducing children to using dental floss. The idea was submitted by an Erin Wernimont, Platteville, WI.

For the project you will need:

white egg carton
dental floss
construction paper

Cut the egg cartons in half so you have two strips. Glue the strip to a piece of construction paper. Use a knife to cut slits between each egg cup. Tape the paper to the table, give the children some floss and allow them to practice flossing the "teeth."

The next project is a two day activity to help the children learn the importance of brushing their teeth. This was also submitted by Erin Wernimont.

For this project you will need:

red construction paper
white construction paper
white paint

On day one have the children cut out two lips and glue them to a large piece of paper. Next let them add some teeth using some white paper cut into squares. After the children leave for the day, use a yellow marker to color some of the teeth yellow. The next day explain to the children that some plaque has formed on the teeth and they need to be brushed. Let them use a toothbrush and some white paint to make the teeth clean again.

The final project I found in the book which I thought was pretty neat was focused around brushing molars. Show the children where molars are located and explain that sometimes these teeth get missed when we brush. Today's activity would involve practicing brushing our molars. This project was submitted by Joy Meyer, Stoughton, WI.

You will need:

empty two liter soda bottles

The first big step is to cut the bottom of the two liter bottles and turn them upside down to look like big molars. Next add some ketchup to them. Have the children put some toothpaste on their toothbrush, brush the molar, then rinse with the water. All clean!

One of my favorite books for this theme is "Doctor DeSoto," by William Steig. This story is about a mouse dentist that takes care of all the dental needs of his animal community. His one rule is that he will not treat a fox. One day a fox comes with a horrible toothache and begs Dr. DeSoto to take care of him. The doctor is a bit apprehensive, but feels sorry for the fox. So he removes the fox's bad tooth, but has to replace it with a new one at a later date. Sly Fox has plans for Dr. DeSoto, but does Dr. DeSoto have plans for Sly Fox?

I hope these projects can help you get started with your Dental Health activities. I will share you with your our projects this week as we finish then.

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