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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Triangles Today

This week our shape a triangle. We had our own triangles to count the sides and corners. Our triangle song goes like this:

I've got three corners and three sides
See my sides with your eyes.
I've got three corners and three sides,
I'm a triangle.

We talked about pizza, pie, birthday hats, and noses. We didn't get to look around the room for triangles as our time was short. We had a modified school schedule because of frozen roads in the morning, this cut our day short a bit.

So, we went to the tables and it was time to cut. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! If you read my blog you will remember that I said the children were having some trouble following the lines. Well, it seems overnight most of them have mastered that skill. The shapes actually looked like triangles when they were finished. I had a couple of children that kept saying they couldn't do it, but we helped them through and they were so proud of themselves. I had one little boy that came to the tables and was SOOO excited. He said, "Oh Yeah! Shape cutting, I love cutting out shapes." I thought it was very cute.

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Jen said...

I love seeing little ones get excited about learning. My kids have been having fun with Tangrams this week. So of course they gave me a topic to write about yesterday.


Have a good night! Jen

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