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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stale Bread Bird Feeder

Here is another bird feeder that is very easy to make and they actually have a little more personality than the pine cone. One thing I am not sure about is how they stand up to rain.

For the bird feeder you will need:

stale bread
cookie cutter
ribbon or yarn
peanut butter or honey
bird seed

First take a cookie cutter and cut your stale bread into a shape you like. After you have your shape cut out, use the straw to poke a hole near the top, thread a ribbon or piece of yarn and tie in a loop.

Next spread your "glue". I used peanut butter, but if there is a peanut allergy try the honey. I did find if I left the honey bird feeder inside, the honey started to run, but out in the cold it was good.

After your "glue" is spread, lay the bread sticky side down in the bird seed. Pull it out and presto--you have a pretty little bird feeder to hand outside--totally edible.

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Anonymous said...

I dont see them withstanding the rain, but an idea. If you build a box with a roof with three sides (almost like a bird feeder) then hang the stale bird seeds on the inside. Mount the box to a tree and enjoy. The Birds access the feed from the open side. Then you can build little perches up and down. When the feed is gone make more and start over. Sorry I enjoyed your post. I am always looking for ideas to do with my daughter who is 6.

Anonymous said...

Great site! I'm definitely bookmarking your blog for future ideas on projects for my little ones!

Juliann said...

These are fun. We have used suet for the sticky part too - no peanut butter allowed at school.

Preschool Playbook said...

Thanks to everyone for some great ideas!