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Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Know My Colors!

After our break, I decided we would have a couple of color review days and finish up with our Me Book color page. Today was the making of our color book page. (The Me Book is a book that is created for each child during the school year. We make different pages for it throughout the year.)

The children make what I call a color caterpillar. The heading on the page is "I know my colors."

I have circles cut out of the nine basic colors we discussed. I sit with each child and ask them if they can tell me the names of the colors. Sometimes children find it very easy to "point" to the color you ask them, but "telling" you the name is a little different.

After they tell me the names, I give them all the circles and have them glue them down to make a caterpillar, then use a marker for eyes, feet, and antennae. It is really cute to see all the different caterpillars you will get.

The children did great. Out of all 14 children there where only 2 that mixed up black and brown--I was pretty impressed.

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Juliann said...

Another great assessment piece. I am definately going to share this one with one of our newer teachers.

Anonymous said...

love the caterpillars!

i do ice cream cones w/ my 2 yr old but the caterpillars are super cute i might have to change to that!

i added your blog to my blog links of great teaching sites if you want to check my blog out here is the addy: