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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hats Off to Rectangle

We finished up with rectangle today. Unfortunately, my brain was in some type of freeze zone or something and every time I tried to say rectangle I said triangle. Those poor little guys are probably more confused than when we started.

They did pretty well though. I had planned on doing some Play Doh rolling and making a great big rectangle on one of the tables. With our weather delay, we were unable to get to this activity. I hope to do some Play Doh rolling for circle next week.

When we began our shape discussion we started with our rectangle. We sang our song and "drew" the shape in the air. We followed by reviewing our other shapes, square and triangle, and "drawing" them in the air. We then took our laminated rectangles to match them to rectangles in the room.

Our page for our book today was a top hat. I was pointing out that snowmen sometimes wear top hats or Abe Lincoln, as his appearance in the room for President's day has arrived. But then, the light bulb came on when I said--"Sir Topam Hat from the Island of Sodor wears a top hat." They all knew what I was talking about. (The pictures in the middle of the hats are stickers).

For our shape page I already had the shapes cut out. If we had more time I would have allowed the children to cut the shapes out themselves, but I don't always have that luxury.

We have now finished three of the basic shapes. Next week, circle.

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Jen said...

Don't you hate that! I kept saying Japanese on Chinese New Year when I was teaching my kids. I know darn well that they are two very different cultures!!

We're only human! I'm sure your little ones won't go through life thinking a rectangle is a triangle- they'll get it!

Take Care! Jen

Anonymous said...

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Clemencia said...

I just love your blog and your awesome ideas, I've passing along to you the Kreativ Blogger Award here