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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Christmas Tree for Birds

I know Christmas is over, but the above is the title my son gave to our little creation.

At Christmas we went and got a beautiful Christmas tree. We brought it home, decorated it, and it beautified our home for the holidays. Finally, this past Saturday, I was ready to get my living room back. Problem: the tree was still so pretty, I couldn't stand to get rid of it. So, here is what we did, we made a tree for the birds.

First, I collected lots of pine cones from our neighbors yard and we made some pine cone bird feeders out of them. In my post on the bird feeders I had used peanut butter or honey. I received a note from one of my readers that you could also use something called suet. She said that you get if from the butcher, so keep that in mind if there are peanut allergies. Our house is free of peanut allergies so I used peanut butter for everything, easy and readily available.

After we made the bird feeders and tied them to the tree, I thought I would make some popcorn strings. I hate to admit it, but too tedious for me. Just don't have the patience to sit there for HOURS stringing popcorn--having half of it fall off and pricking my fingers like a hundred times. So, I thought and thought about what I could use for garland.

Here is what I came up with. I went to our local craft store and bought some Christmas ribbon for 70% off the regular price. I brought the ribbon home, again, covered it with peanut butter, drug it through some bird seed, and hung it on the tree. Not the neatest of activities, but we had fun.

Our tree is now done. It sits on the front porch waiting for the birds to come and enjoy a feast--also teasing the dog tremendously with that great peanut butter smell.

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Jen said...

That is so nice!! Have you seen any critters on the tree yet! Off to Girl Scouts meeting!! Take Care!

Living said...

suet is fat, not peanuts... and you can get it in packets in the supermarket, at least here in Australia you can.
Nice idea!

Living said...

... okay I just reread and I get what you mean now lol, that suet is an option instead of peanuts!

Anjanette Young said...

What a need idea. With luck I remember to do something like this next year... You are so clever..

ThriftyMommy said...

That is such a cute and sweet idea! :)