Monday, December 15, 2008

Reindeer Sandwiches

My son's kindergarten teacher sent me this little activity. I did not make it, but I did find it on another blog you can check out too: silken-did you know (the picture below is from that site).

To make these you will need:

1 slice of bread
Red M&M's
pretzels-pretzel sticks or twists

Cut the slice of bread in half diagonally. Make your sandwich as usual--I would probably make peanut butter and jelly--but that's just me. Then on the outside of the bread add 2 raisins for eyes, an M&M for the nose, and pretzels for the antlers.

Here's a very rudimentary drawing of what it might look like with stick pretzels, no critics please:

I was thinking, if you would just like to use the bread without making it into a sandwich, you can cut the bread in half, then paint it with some brown food coloring. After you paint the bread you would add the eyes, nose and antlers.


  1. Hello! I love this idea for a snack! Life's been a little crazy-car accident, strep throat, washer broken, computer crashed, but I'm still smiling!!! Can't wait to get my computer working again- I miss blogging and reading my favorite blogs!!(on sis's computer today!)
    Have a Merry Christmas!