Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paper Poinsettia

Poinsettias are a beautiful flower to have around this time of year. Here is one that you can make and hang on the wall.

You will need:

construction paper (I used red)
yellow paper circle

Each child should get a 9 x 9 piece of construction paper. I drew a pattern which will make it easier for them to cut. The children should cut on the lines, but NOT go into the circle. This is to make the petals, you don't want to cut the paper apart. I used the bottom of a small drinking cup to make the circle in the center, then used a ruler to draw the lines from the conrers to the outside of the circle.

After all the lines have been cut, every other corner is folded to the center and glued down. I put some glue in the circle (used a glue stick), then added glue on top of the first point folded in, more glue on the second point folded in, etc. I also pressed on the fold a little to keep the petal from popping open.

After all the folds are done you have something that looks like a pinwheel. Turn the flower over and glue a yellow circle in the center. It isn't quite flat so it gives a great 3D effect hanging on the wall.

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