Monday, December 15, 2008

Nutter Butter Creations

I found a couple of very cute Christmas creations made with Nutter Butter cookies and thought I would share them with you. One is a Santa, and the other is Rudolph. I will say the Santa's look a little sweet, but I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to Nutter Butters so they're probably all good!

For the Nutter Butter Santa's I'll let you travel on over to Simple Servings. She has her recipe there along with a great picture.

The other ones I found were in the December issue of Family Fun Magazine. These creations were made by Jennifer Tate of Lima, Ohio.

For the reindeer you will need:

a package of Nutter Butter cookies
white icing
chocolate chips
red M&M's
pretzel twists

To make these you will be using the white icing as "glue. Put dots of white icing where the eyes, and nose should be. Use the chocolate chips for the eyes, then use a red M&M for the nose. Next put some white icing above the eyes and "glue" on a pretzel twist. There you go--good enough to eat. Have fun.

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