Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Handprint AND Footprint Reindeer

Now, we have made a reindeer with a candy cane, a triangle and handprints, now we are going to use handprints and footprints. These are very easy and really cute. They are hanging all over our preschool room. They bring a smile when you look at them.

You will need:

2 shades of brown construction paper
wiggle eyes
red pom pom

Trace around the child's shoe or foot, and have them cut it out. Then trace around an open hand, if they are able, have them cut it out, or you can do it.

After all the pieces are cut out, glue the antlers(hands) to the back of the footprint. Turn the reindeer over and glue on the wiggle eyes and pom pom nose. I used tacky to glue on the eyes and nose because it's a little stronger. Regular glue should work fine as long as you don't move it until it is dry. Also, draw a mouth. Ours have smile mouths, except the one my son helped me with. I'm not quite sure what's up with the mouth area.

Hang a few of these around your area, they could bring a smile to you.

Another version of this craft was done by son's kindergarten teacher. They had actually stamped hands and a footprint with paint on the side of a 12 x 18 piece of paper. Then next to it was the poem at the bottom. Then it was laminated to make a placemat. When doing this project you would probably not use wiggle eyes, and you would use maybe metallic red paper for a shiny nose.

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