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Thursday, November 20, 2008

White Like Snow

The final color we do for our books is the color white. This week was that color. I think the color box ran it's course. I had one child the whole week find me something white for the box--and white is everywhere.

Mother Nature helped out with white quite a bit today. It was snowing! Just a snow shower, but it was sure coming down. Of course, that was the end of the day for me. Once they saw the snow it was like I had fed them two pounds of sugar. Yelling, running, just general mayhem ensued. Thanks Mother Nature!

Since coloring with a white crayon is a bit "useless" the first page of our color book involved painting a white snowman. Just a small one to have something white in our book. Our second page was to add white stickers to a snowflake. All the colors are in. When we get back from break we will make the cover and send the books home.

We had some great fun with shaving cream today. I always love shaving cream play. The room and the children smell so good. It was quite funny though. It was the first time we have done shaving cream this year. I got out the can and sprayed some in my hand and asked the children what they thought it was. One person said cream, one said cleaning stuff, and the others weren't sure. Then, I spread it on my face and the light bulb came on. They all knew what it was then, but they wanted me to go wash--I guess I didn't look too good.

I was going to bring marshmallows for snack but forgot them this morning--THANK GOODNESS. I don't think we needed any energy boosters. I got lucky though, our snack was graham crackers and sliced apples. We talked about the inside of the apple being white.

For the remainder of the year we will practice colors as a whole with games and activities. We had a great time enjoying all our color play--OFF TO SHAPES!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan. And how convenient of Mother Nature to help you out with some snow!