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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today's activity at school was watercoloring our handprint turkeys. Now we have done some watercoloring at school before, but have used individual liquid watercolors. Today was the first day we used the original packs of eight color water colors. You know, the ones with the eight little oval cakes that you have to get real wet. Well, I was shocked at the number of children that really had difficulty with this.

I start off each child individually, tracing their hand, adding the parts to the turkey, then showing them how to use the watercolor paint. Dip the brush in the water, swirl it around on the color you would like, paint the picture, then go back dip the brush in the water, swirl it in the color, paint the picture, and so on and so on. Well, some just could not get this. I had a few that finally said I can't do it and left the table. I had one little boy that repeated the phrase the whole time he painted. I was just really surprised at the difficulty of this task.

So, with Christmas just a few weeks away, I wanted to give parents a little idea for the stocking. Maybe some watercolors would be a great addition. They really aren't that messy, and if there is mess it is really easy to clean up. Happy painting!

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