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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reindeer with Handprint Antlers

For our Christmas program one of our props is "Rudolph." We don't sing the full version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," but another song that mentions him. So when we sing this song we hold up this reindeer.

For the project you will need:

brown construction paper
white construction paper
materials for eyes and nose

First when the children come to the table. I fold a piece of white construction paper in half, then trace their open hand. Then,I give all the children a brown piece of construction paper with a triangle drawn on it. I have them cut the triangle out while I cut out the handprints. With older children you could allow them to cut out both items.

After the pieces are cut everything has to be glued together. I usually have them glue the antlers on first. I glue them on the back of the reindeer head, sticking out the top. Then we turn the paper over and glue on the eyes and nose. I usually have some circles already cut out for these items; red for the nose, any color for the eyes. You could use any items you like for this though; wiggle eyes are always fun, and red pom poms look great for a nose. Wallah...he's done.

We made this project the second week of December. I read a great book today. It doesn't have anything to do with reindeer, but it is a Christmas book. The children were so engaged in the story that I didn't have to ask for their attention once. The book I read was "Mrs. Wishy-Washy's Christmas," by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller. The story is about three animals that have to take their Christmas bath in the barn. a cow, a pig, and a duck. Well, it is freezing in the barn and they can't imagine bathing in the cold water. Mrs. Wishy-Washy says they have to get a bath, or no Christmas presents. Did they take the bath? Did they get presents? Fun story! (The link I gave is for the hardcover so it is a little expensive, but at least you get to look inside. There may be cheaper ones out there).

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