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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just For Fun

I just had to share this cute story with you. Today was the second time during the school year that I didn't feel like doing my hair so I pulled it back in a barrette. I can't believe how this affects the kids.

The first time I did this a few weeks ago, they all came in and looked at me as if I had turned green while they were away. They all wanted to know "What was wrong with my hair?" When I said I didn't fell like doing it, one boy told me I had better go out and buy one of those those dryers like his mom has and fix my hair.

Today, I had it back again--got the stares, but not as many comments. Only one little girl wanted to know why my hair "was like that." Sure is easy to throw a wrench into their day. Who knows--maybe I really am scary with my hair back:).

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