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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas is Coming.....

Here we go. If your school is anything like ours, you have so many great Christmas plans, but only a few days to complete them. Our three-year-old class has a total of six days to complete our Christmas unit. It really flies by.

In our school we always finish up our Christmas unit with a small program for parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. It is nothing like the Thanksgiving celebration. It is only a small "show" at the end of our last class.

We are very lucky to be a small preschool in a church setting. Because of this we are allowed to continue to teach that we Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We have found a wonderful little "play" that we perform for the parents at our show. It is really simple, but very cute.

We keep our show very basic, but it can be elaborated on by designing props, making costumes, and creating a set. We use what we have around our classroom.

For our play we go on a special Christmas journey. We have an area where we begin and we travel around to different doors and sing songs as we go.

So, we have our starting point and then the children travel to the first door singing the following song to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat":

A long, long time ago
An angel came to say
Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary
You will have a babe.

Then we come to the first door. I knock on the door and we say, "Any room here?" Then we all say together, "No room here.

Now we walk to the second door singing the following song to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb":

Mary went to Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Bethlehem,
Mary went to Bethlehem
Riding on a donkey.

Joseph went to Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Bethlehem,
Joseph went to Bethlehem,
With his wife Mary.

Now we are at the second door. I knock and we all say, "Any room here?" Again we reply, "No room here."

We travel on to the third door. On this door I have a star posted. We sing the following song to the tune of "London Bridge":

Can we come inside your inn?
Come inside, come inside?
Can we come inside your inn
To rest our tired feet?

This time I knock on the door, we say, "Any room here?" The reply by all is, "Yes, come inside."

We travel back to our beginning spot and pick up some bells and sing this song to "Frere Jacques":

Bells are ringing, children singing
Jesus is born, Jesus is born.
Happy Birthday Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus.
We love you, we love you.

This is the end of our "play." We have other songs we perfom at this time with a few props. Then the children give their gifts to the parents, followed by the teachers giving their gifts to the children. By using Scholastic Book club we accumulate many bonus points during the course of the year. All the children receive a book from us as a Christmas gift.

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