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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Orange Like a Pumpkin

This week we got to experience the color orange. All my little "pumpkins" arrived today in their orange garb. They always look so cute dressed in the same color.

On Tuesday, we first experienced orange when Mrs. Nodolski gave each child some yellow and red Play Doh. Okay, now what? We squished and squashed,and squeezed and what did we have? Orange Play Doh! Wow, how exciting. Then at playtime we played with our orange Play Doh. Our color box didn't get to see too many orange items, but they found some.

During the week we colored an orange pumpkin, filled fall leaves with orange stickers, did some sorting--although we did red, yellow, and orange, and also had a great time marble painting with orange. You should have seen those eyes when their white pieces of paper emerged full of orange squiggles.

Our snack for orange was orange cheese squares (cheddar).

Our orange week culminated with the grand finale of carving a pumpkin. Great fun. The orange pumpkin greeted them as they came to school today. Then at the end of the day we went outside and made a jack-o-lantern. We got to experience the orange "goo" and slippery seeds and how all that orange felt. (I was going to get pictures, but I was also covered in orange goo).

They told me what shape eyes, nose, and mouth to draw and then I cut it out. I handed the pieces out as I cut them so they could feel them. Then when finished we had an adorable orange jack-o-lantern.

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Jen said...

I just want to get out the play-do and make little pumpkins with my girls now! Love the mixing of colors to make orange idea! You have great ideas!


ps. I just started a blog titled Literature Links. I'm going to be selling Usborne books. I have such a passion for literacy and love their books. This website will feature different books each week and then I will suggest a variety of activities that relate to the book for parents to do with their children. I'd love your feedback on the new blog.

Judy Evans said...

You have such great ideas for children. Thanks for sharing.