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Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghoulish Ghost Hangings

Children love crafts that are 3-D. I think it brings the idea so much more to life for them. I have a ghost windsock that is really cute. Sometimes, it doesn't last too long as many children love to see him "fly" around they room, but hey--they're having fun.

For the craft you will need:

white crepe paper
18 x 3 inch strip of white paper
white paper
white yarn
black crayon

First I gave the children 10 strips of crepe paper and the long strip of paper. I had them put glue all over on edge of the long strip of paper, then place the crepe paper strips on so they hang.

After all the crepe paper was glued on, we put glue on one edge and made a circle. I then punched two holes in the strip and tied a piece of white yarn so the ghost can hang.

Now the children should have a white piece of paper that they can draw a ghost shape on. If the children are younger, you can have a shape for them. My one ghost shape is a little intricate as my "muse" asked me to copy a certain picture. Have the children draw a face then let them cut the ghost out.

Finally, glue the ghost onto the circle. Now, it's ready to "fly" around the room.

The book I would have for this day is "Woo! The Not-So-Scary Ghost," by Ana Martin Larranaga. This is a very cute story about a ghost that is tired of having everyone tell him what to do. So he runs away and tries to be scary. He winds up on a farm and some funny things happen to him. He finds his scare and is glad to make his way back home.

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