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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blue Like the Sky

Believe it or not, a blue comparison is a bit difficult for me. I think it is because there are so many shades of blue. The blue crayon, paint, Play Doh, and objects in the room do not look like the blue of the sky or the blue of the ocean. So what would you say? Blue like the .....

To experience blue our first fun activity was to find all the fun blue things Mrs. Nodolski hid in the sand. I had lots of blue sparkly marbles at home so it was like digging for treasure. This was really fun as it was also the first time the sand table has been out this year. We had our blue blocks, blue puzzles, and we played with blue play foam. For any of you that aren't sure what this is, it is Floam, like they advertise on TV, but just not the real stuff. I actually like it better than the real stuff because it is not as sticky. If you haven't tried this stuff yet, it is really fun. It forms very easily and the children are great at making letters, numbers, objects, etc., out of it. The only thing is you can't use cookie cutters with it.

For our color book we did a blue whale and then had a clown that was wearing an outfit filled with polka dots. What color did we make them? Blue, of course. The children's fine motor skills are improving greatly. The have a much easier time removing and placing the stickers. Even their crayon holding is improving.

The color box got a lot more action with blue than it did with orange. I guess there are just more blue objects in the room.

On to snack--yeah for hubby! What did we have? Blue Jello Jigglers. I will say I missed the boat on this one a bit. If the old thinking cap was on I would have thought of it earlier, but a Wednesday morning thought does me no good for a class that only meets one more time for the week. I made the Jello on Wednesday and cut it up for them for Thursday snack. If I had been thinking properly, this would have been a great project to do with the children on Tuesday. They would have loved seeing the blue crystals melt into a liquid, then to see us put juice in the refrigerator on Tuesday, and pull out formed gel on Thursday would have been great fun. Icould have also given them a cookie cutter to cut a shape out on their own. "A day late and a dollar short," thats me. Oh well, next year.

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Jen said...

Oh my goodness, that's sound like so much fun! I wish I was at Blue day!! Ha, Ha!! I bet the kids just loved the sand table. My daughter has a rice table in her preschool classroom and the kids just LOVE it!!

Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!

Jen said...

Oh yeah, the jello just made me think of something!!
On Sid the Science Kid- new pbs show, the class predicted what would happen to apples when they were heated. (The kids made apple sauce, but it was to discuss how heat changes things.) With jello, I guess you could make predictions about how cold changes things. I always forget how much science I can teach right in my own kitchen. That episode of Sid reminded me of this. I guess I am going to have to make some jello this week or apple sauce with the kiddos!!