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Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to School Night

This is Back to School night week for our school. Why do we wait so long? Well, that is actually my doing. I'm sorry, but parents make me nervous. I like to do our Back to School night with the children. You would think after 10 years of being director, and 20 years of teaching, I would be over this by now--oh well!

We wait until this time because most of the children have become totally acquainted with the classroom and the routine. They are comfortable with their surroundings. So, they can bring mom and dad to school with them and help me out.

Our night consists of going through a school day quickly. We take our two and a half hour day and shrink it down to one hour. During this hour we have opening, free play, craft, snack, story, and skill time. It's fast, but it's fun. The parents love it and so do the children. They get to show mom and dad the books they have started--ME Book, Color Book (for three's), and Alphabet Book (for Pre-K). The children are always so excited to share this part of their lives with their parents.

Since this day is close to Halloween our craft is a fun Halloween craft. It is very easy and many of you may have already done this. Mom and Dad get to help out at craft time so I allow the children to make 2--they are lollipop ghosts.

To make these ghosts you will need:

Lollipops-- I use DUM DUM brand.
(I used to use Tootsie Pops,
but the children never finished them.)




Very simple: I let the children pick two lollipops. Then they pull out two tissues. They cover the lollipops with the tissues and mom or day will tie the yarn around the "neck." Then the children can draw a face on their ghosts.

If you have never made these before they are so simple and so cute. They look great when you have a whole bunch of these together--it's a cute Halloween treat.

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1 comment:

Jen said...

How funny! I am going to post ghostly activities today and your lolli-pop idea was one of the ghost activities that I was going to post. (we did it at the library last Halloween!) I'll just put a link to your site- if you don't mind!! You did such a good job with the picture and directions!!!
Oh yeah, I was just published on and am the article of the week. It is a Halloween article. One of the crafts is a "foot" ghost- the kids put their foot in white paint-fun fun!!

ps. I love seeing what you are doing with the kids- thanks for inspiring me!!