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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Red Like an Apple

Unfortunately, I will say red gets a quick once over. We do the color red on our first full week of school. Since it is the first week, we still have some children that are uncomfortable with their surroundings and we take longer trying to make them feel at home and have fun then concentrating on skills. If I don't start though, we don't finish our colors until after Christmas.

So for red we, of course, discussed apples. I had apples in the class, we felt the apples, Mrs Nodolski took an apple bath when slicing the apples, we explored the seeds, and we ate the apples--YUMMY!

We also had a red table with red blocks, red puzzles, red beads, sorting between red and blue, and we played with red Play Doh. Our color book always has one page that we color something and the second page we make something using color circle dots. We colored a red apple and then we made an apple tree applying the red dots to the tree(good for fine motor control).

So that was RED. Very quick, but effective.

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