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Friday, September 26, 2008

Handwriting Without Tears Update

A little while back I had mentioned that the school was going to begin using the program called Handwriting Without Tears. I wanted to give you a little update, in case any parent out there is trying to help their little one learn to write without too much frustration.

First of all, the letters are not going to be presented in ABC order. The letters are presented to the children in an order that goes from what you might call "easiest to hardest." This helps the children to become more familiar with the motion of writing without worrying about the difficulty of the letter.

Also, the letters are formed with manipulatives first. The children get a group of "lines" that they will place in the correct formation. Our teacher spent all summer making groups of various sized horizontal lines and laminated them for the children to use.

For example, the first letter the children worked on is the letter L. The first experience for them was to take the maniupaltives, one long and one short line, and make an L that way. Then they went on to write the letter L. As you can see, L is an extremely easy letter to write because it is a straight line in a downward motion, then a straight line in a left to right motion.

If you are interested in presenting your child with the letters--here's how far we've gotten. Here is the order: L, F, E, H, T, and I. These letters take us through the month of October. I'll let you know the next group in a month.

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