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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Great Resource....Scholastic

As a teacher, one of my most favorite resources is Scholastic. Our school has used Scholastic to bring books to the children there for years. Scholastic offers book clubs for children of ALL ages. It is great for the school too, as we gain points from parent's book orders and are able to use those points for resources for our room. We have gotten a refrigerator, microwave, toy bins, a puppet theatre, resource books, reading books, and the list goes on and on.

I can not stress how great it is. All of their products are just great too. Everything is extremely age appropriate and great quality. The customer service representatives have always been extremely helpful too. Any discrepancies are always handled quickly and with great professionalism. I LOVE SCHOLASTIC! is an invaluable resource to parents as well as teachers. When you go to they have sections for teachers, parents, kids, and more. Each section is just a full of articles, games, ideas, crafts, books, games, etc.

I was in the parents section for quite a while. They have ideas for the time of the year, crafts, cooking, outside fun, books that are great for you child, articles with good information, printables, games, etc.

If you are a teacher looking for ideas, this is another great resource. They have lesson plans, teaching strategies, supplies etc. I found this site extremely helpful when I was renewing my teaching certificate. Pennsylvania recently made a law that teachers must take a certain amount of credits or have a certain amount of continuing education hours every five years to keep their certificates active. This came at a time when I had done nothing formal for more than ten years. Scholastic's site was very helpful with their lesson plans and teaching strategies.

Scholastic also has a store that offers many books, DVDs, toys and games, crafts, etc. I have bought many things for the nursery school from Scholastic and I feel that their prices are reasonable. I honestly feel that Scholastic is a most valuable resource for teachers and parents of children.

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Gypsy at Heart said...

Don't I know it. I absolutely love the Scholastic website. Have you ever heard of Brain Pop by the way. If you haven't, I'm so glad I get to introduce you to this place. It's amazing.