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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Take Care with Child Care

I was just at a birthday party with my preschooler and the conversation has left me a bit saddened.

As I have written, I am the director and a teacher at a nursery school. My philosophy is that children are coming to our program to learn and grow and we will help them do that with fun and positive experiences. Today I listened to some stories about places that parents have their children and my heart just broke.

One parent that is now in our school transferred from another school. She had seen some signs in her child pointing to low self-esteem and just plain discontent with herself. The parent had no idea where these ideas were coming from. So one day, she decided that she would stick around her child's school, unbeknownest to the staff. What she heard and saw was just unacceptable. This parent witnessed an aide telling the children they were slow, or stupid, messy, bothersome, etc. The parent was appalled. When she went to the "people in charge," she was told it was too much trouble to fire her, they would have trouble finding someone else to hire for her spot. So it's okay to allow someone to take care of children and crush them like bugs? She got her child out right away.

Another parent had her child in a daycare situation. She came to pick him up one day, he was under a bench crying with wet pants, teachers didn't even know he was there--didn't know he was wet, and didn't help to care for him after she was there--offered her nothing. On two other occasions she came and the child had a mark on his face. First time she was offered an explanation and asked to sign an incident report. Second time, she asked what happened, no one knew, and they wanted her to sign a report--she only signed it because it stated that the teachers were unaware that something happened. She felt at least that way it was documented people weren't on top of things.

I just find it unbelievable that these types of things are going on in places where people are CARING for children. I know having many children around can be trying and exhausting, but if that is the line of work you go into, you have to expect that, and summon patience and understanding deep within yourself. If you work with children remember: you are helping to shape the ideals of young people. Your job is to present things positively,help to raise positive and happy people. A childcare worker or teacher is tested everyday. One must find their special way to deal with these situations. Mine, I know it's not for everyone, but I pray the rosary everyday on the way to work for patience to deal with each situation that is presented to me that day.

And parents, PLEASE, stop in to your preschool or daycare unexpectedly. Find out what a normal routine really is really like. Watch the interaction between teachers and children, and don't ever ignore something you think is strange or different. You are your child's only advocate. PLEASE, always remember that. No one else will ever love, care for, or stand up for your child like you, so do it. Don't be embarrassed to stand up for the rights of your child and yourself.

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