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Friday, May 2, 2008

Stop and See the Cows

In today's world where bigger is better, we don't always remember that our little ones love the little things. We take for granted all the beauty of our surroundings because it has been there "forever."

We have forgotten how much the those "little" things actually mean to young children. For instance, on my way to work, I have to take my four year old to his grandmom's house. And yes, we are often late and hurry, hurry, hurry. But, I do always make it a point to stop and see the cows. On the way to grandmom's there is a farm and the barn is right on the road. The cows are there usually just looking around. We stop to say "Hi," and my little guy thinks it's the greatest thing. I think the cows find it pretty interesting too. All we are doing is looking at cows from the car and I have made his day. It probably took me about 1 minute tops.

Since we have "been around so long" sometimes we forget that preschoolers have only been here a few years. You know that squirrel you have seen ten thousand times during your lifetime? He is still a wonder to a small child. The birds, ducks, blooming flowers, worms, all the small stuff, it's a great pleasure to small children.

So, next time your zooming around and you spot that squirrel, or pass those cows, take a minute and let your preschooler enjoy the moment.

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1 comment:

Hmm, Is that So? said...

Great advise for all of us! We should all take a minute to stop and smell the flowers. :-)